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Blog Page Titles

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Posted on Oct. 22nd, 2016 | 6:24am EDT by Sam

If you've been browsing the blogs via this site - as opposed to viewing them on Blogger - you may have noticed the site is lacking some polish as well as some major features like blog tags, commenting, and search. Before trying my hand at difficult feature additions, I thought I'd fix one small little issue. And thus began my journey down the rabbit hole. The issue was page titles. The blog-related pages were all displaying generic titles regardless of which post or post list was on the page. The problem and solutions were exactly the same for post pages ...Read More

Live at Last!

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Posted on Sep. 16th, 2016 | 3:32pm EDT by Sam

So this website has been the work of over a year of part-time fiddling. And it's finally got enough core functionality to go live! Please enjoy and watch for more updates and new features. Molly and Sam publish additional blog posts that are only available to friends and family. So be sure to contact us for login credentials so you can see it all.

Consolidation Point Meeting

Posted to: Molly and Sam's Big Adventure
Posted on Jul. 25th, 2016 | 3:36pm AMT (7:36am EDT) by Molly Jeanne

A few weeks ago, I was the fortunate winner of a packet of Taco Seasoning in a Peace Corps contest. Today, we got the chance to share the wealth as our entire Sisian Consolidation Point group (all 11 of us!) gathered in Sisian to meet with Vahagn, our Safety and Security Manager. The point of the meeting was to establish a chain of communication and a tentative action plan to be executed in the event of an emergency in country. But the real highlight of the day for me was Sam's homemade lavash-tacos and having the whole group (minus a few folks who couldn't make it into town before the actual meeting itself) over for lunch. It was a fun day.